We Foster Wellbeing

and Safety


For the 6th consecutive year, we succeeded in providing over one million hours in our three Divisions, which strengthens us further as a competitive team.

of training for our collaborators

Safety and Health in the Workplace

Caring for the lives, health, and wellbeing of our collaborators and their families is the number one priority in all our operations. No task is more important than this.

Our Commitment

To create optimal and safe workplaces for our collaborators.

To apply the highest standards in terms of occupational safety and health.

Our Objective

We operate under the Comprehensive Workplace Safety and Health Management System, which allows us to:


Implement effective processes.


Supply our collaborators with knowledge and abilities to identify, control, and mitigate risks.


Supply our collaborators with knowledge and abilities to identify, control, and mitigate risks.

Likewise, we are certified

by the Occupational Safety and Health Management System

according to OHSAS 18001:2007 standards


12 mining units in Mexico and Peru


Operations in Mexico Construction Company


Administrative offices of Perforadora Mexico del Carmen Sector, as well as Cement Plant and Sonora jack-up

Investment in Safety, Health, and Occupational Health


Accident and Illness Rates

Our collaborators’ commitment to the development of a culture of safety, as well as the identification and prevention of risks, enabled our three Divisions to reduce their indices:

Mining Division

Accident rate (2013-2015)

  • 2013line0.94
  • 2014line0.84
  • 2015line0.69

Infrastructure Division

Accident rate (2013-2015)

  • 2013line2.10
  • 2014line1.19
  • 2015line0.84

Transportation Division

Illness rate (2013-2015)

  • 2013line0.56
  • 2014line0.71
  • 2015line0.33

Investments in Community Development


Programs for community development

Development programs for our collaborators


Sports and cultural promotion

Fostering infrastructure in Grupo Mexico neighborhoods

Casa Grande

This is our community development program, which we implement in the locations where we operate. Find out how it works:

We elaborate community diagnoses in which the local population participates.
We identify the communities’ needs and expectations.
According to the above information, we establish the priority focus of work.
Thanks to a team of experts and community volunteers, we develop the projects we design together with our neighbors.
In 2015 we counted on the participation of 6, 946 volunteers.

Casa Grande fosters productive projects in the communities, supporting them with financing and training, in order to generate independent jobs. These actions foster diversification and strengthening of the economic activities that make it possible to raise the population’s quality of life.

Virtuous Women

A Group of 10 women who teach other women to weave regional costumes from the Tehuantepec Isthmus.

“Our Family, our traditions, the desire to teach and learn, but above all, the wish to help in the home, are the reasons why we began this project two years ago. Thanks to Casa Grande, we have learned many things, such as being honest and not always receiving but also learning to give to become self-sufficient. Casa Grande is not only an aid, but it has become a part of our lives and our families”.

Elizabeth Valdivieso, weaver.


Preparation of different flavors of cakes and innovative designs, fine pastries, croissants, waffles, and cookies.

It is a great satisfaction to know that many of my former students have begun their own business. It feels nice when people tell them that what they prepared is delicious. Being in Casa Grande is a very nice experience, because they help the students to become known through their new skills, delighting the pallets of our community. Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of this great place”.

Carmen Rodríguez, instructor.

Through Casa Grande, we also launch invitations so community organizations can present their own projects and obtain financing to set them in motion. The projects are evaluated by the Community Committees, organizations with a mixed composition, where both Grupo Mexico and the community participate.

Main Axes

  • Education
  • Environment

Complementary Axes

  • Health and Safety
  • Productive Development

Special Care

  • Children
  • Youth

Investment in Education




Infrastructure Development

Maintenance of equipment

Development of educational management units

Providing courses for employees, families and communities

Regional Specialties Hospital of Cananea

This hospital, built with investments from the Federal government, the government of Sonora, and Grupo Mexico, which supplied over USD$7.2 million, was inaugurated in early 2015.
This is the first universal access medical center in Mexico, as it serves affiliates of any healthcare service, as well as those who have no type of social security.

Become acquainted with its facilities and services:

Chepe Line

On the El Chepe passenger transportation line, we provide ID cards to indigenous and low-resource people who live in isolated communities between the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, and whose only form of transportation is the train.

benefited, who only pay
 of the value of the ticket
trips enabled
through this social fare

Dr. Wagon and Fundación Grupo Mexico

Thanks to the efforts of Fundación Grupo México and Ferromex, the Transportation Division, we continue to operate the emblematic Dr. Wagon, the Health Train. This social program, unprecedented throughout the American continent, brings free healthcare services to marginalized communities in our country, who live in areas that are difficult to access.

12 states

visited throughout the Mexican Republic

36 communities


32, 408 people

of every age benefited

Likewise, to help those who are most in need, Fundación Grupo México has launched the Network of Business Associations and Foundations, an innovative initiative that fosters joint work:


Exchange of experiences


business foundations
social companies and civil society organizations