Care for, preserve, and renew

the Environment


We certify voluntarily, in order to guarantee an environmentally responsible management at all our operations:

8 units certified under ISO 14001:2004

Internationally accepted standard for the handling of environmental management plans, based on the best practices, environmental regulation, and company policy.

12 certifications in Clean Industry

In addition to the legal and regulatory requirements, we maintain appropriate processes that prove a positive environmental performance.

19 certifications in Environmental Quality

In addition to the legal and regulatory requirements, we maintain appropriate processes that prove a positive environmental performance.

Environmental Investments


Waste management

Energy efficiency

Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions (GGE)

Technological improvements

Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

In the creation of shared value, there can be no progress without respect for the environment. Thus, we wish to produce and haul more with less, reducing the effects of our various activities.

Our efforts to meet

the global challenge of climate change.

Optimize our energy efficiency.

Minimize the use of fossil fuels.

Use environmentally-friendly energy sources.

We are headed towards a low-carbon green economy through our El Retiro wind farm and our La Caridad combined cycle plant which, together, achieved exceptional results in the year:


megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean energy were generated


tons of CO2eq were mitigated, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases

Knows its facilities and services:

We reduced our diesel consumption by



In the Transportation Division, our fuel saving system, as well as the implementation of good practices and the acquisition of new, more efficient machinery, allowed us to considerably reduce our diesel consumption.
Moreover, the cargo transported by rail reduces the environmental effect on the atmosphere by 75% compared to automotive transportation.

Did you know

that a train carries the same load as 300 trucks, reducing CO2 emissions by 3.2 times?

Water Management


 of water

consumed by

the Mining Division is reused

Water is the most important input for our mining units, so in order to guarantee its sutainability in the communities where we are present, we operate under closed circuits and programs of zero discharge of process waters.

On the other hand, our Wastewater Treatment Plant in San Luis Potosi processes municipal wastewater, which is used in various ways:

For our Mining Operations
For our didactic nursery
For our forest nursery
To supply 32,000 inhabitants in the city




invested in preservation
and protection

We strive to maintain and preserve, in a comprehensive way, the ecosystems where we operate.


We have 9 forest nurseries and greenhouses, and we are the main producer of trees in the mining sector in Mexico, enabling us to deliver a double value to the environment:

1. We contribute to biological diversity, and the enrichment of wildlife.

2. We increase the number of trees that act as carbon sinks, capturing CO2 from the environment.


We have an Environmental Management Unit (UMA for its Spanish acronym) for the reproduction of endangered species, such as the Mexican gray wolf and the wild turkey.

See the UMA facilities and the work we do with the wolves:


Grupo Mexico protects habitats with great biological wealth, totaling an expanse of 121 km2:

Land in Mexico

Wetlands in Peru

Preservation areas in the US

Close of Operations and Waste

The projects to shut down operations at the old smelter plants in Monterrey and San Luis Potosi for the containment of land and waste in situ enable urban reintegration, with a system of open spaces including natural reserve areas, bike paths, town squares, stores, and pedestrian corridors.

Environmental remediation in San Luis Potosi: