Sustainable Development

At Grupo Mexico, we are much more than the copper we produce. We are also an organization that, throughout its history, has displayed a capacity to generate value for each of its interest groups.

Our vision of the future is grounded in responsible and joint growth, which includes our collaborators, their families, the communities where we operate, and the environment surrounding us. We believe that is Sensible Development and represents our permanent commitment.

Sensible Development is a comprehensive sustainability strategy, comprising three pillars that direct the performance of all our business units:


To grow and share value

We invest to trigger opportunities and prosperity for all in the present and the future.


Foster wellbeing and security

We strive to be good neighbors and improve the quality of life of our people and our communities.


Care for, preserve, and renew the environment

In the creation of shared value, we know that respect for the environment is the basis for sustainable progress.