A World Class


We are a leading company in copper production, rail transportation and infrastructure. Over the last 80 years, at Grupo Mexico we have evolved and diversified our business to become a stable and sustainable company that is always innovating in terms of technology.

  • Global Presence

    • • Activities in Mexico, Peru, the US, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Spain.
    • • Clients in Mexico, the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Mexican Stock Exchange

    • • Trading on the stock exchange since 1966.
    • • Ticker: GMEXICOB.
    • • 49% investing public.
    • • 5th most traded stock.
  • Best Practices

    • • High safety levels.
    • • 100% compliance with laws and standards.
    • • Certified management systems.
  • Shared Value

    • • We create value for all our stakeholders: shareholders, clients, suppliers, collaborators, and communities where we are present.
  • Sustainable Company

    • • For the 5th consecutive year, GM was chosen to be included in the Mexican Stock Exchange’s Sustainable IPC index, due to its good performance in social responsibility, environmental issues, and corporate governance.
  • 2016 Results

    • • USD$8.17 billion in sales.
    • • USD$3.36 billion in EBITDA.
    • • USD$1.58 billion in investment

Business Units