Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance model seeks to guarantee that the decision-making process contributes to the company’s sustainability in time, taking care of the trust that investors have placed in us, and of the shared value for the group of stakeholders. The transparency, accountability, and inclusion of our stakeholders are a priority to ensure our company’s adequate functioning.

Management Board

Grupo Mexico’s maximum governance body, responsible for establishing the corporate strategy. It ensures value creation, efficiently employing the available resources and assets, as well as complying with the guidelines on matters of ethics. Monitors performance in social and environmental matters. Comprised by a maximum of 21 councilmen appointed in the General Shareholders’ Meeting, at least 25% of who must be independent.

Members of the Management Board

  • Germán Larrea Mota VelascoChairman
  • Xavier García de Quevedo TopeteVice President
  • Oscar González RochaBoard Member
  • Alfredo Casar PérezBoard Member
  • Luis Castelazo MoralesBoard Member
  • Daniel MuñizBoard Secretary
  • Prudencio López MartinezIndependent Board Member
  • Claudio X González LaporteIndependent Board Member
  • Antonio Madero BrachoIndependent Board Member
  • Emilio Carrillo GamboaIndependent Board Member
  • Fernando Ruiz SahagúnIndependent Board Member
  • Rolando Vega SaénzIndependent Board Member
  • Antonio del Valle RuizIndependent Board Member
  • Carlos Prieto SierraIndependent Board Member
  • Carlos Rojas Mota VelascoIndependent Board Member