When natural disasters occur, the Foundation activates different support programs, from donation collection centers to building homes, involving all the divisions of Grupo México.

After the 2017 earthquakes, the Foundation led fundraising campaigns that raised over $178,000.00 towards the building of a hospital in Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca.

Last March, due the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, Grupo México made the decision to donate the hospital to the Mexican Government so they could use it as a Center for COVID-19 patients. The hospital has now been adapted to accommodate these patients and it is operated by SEDENA.

We operate the following programs to support institutions and organizations with training, fundraising and dissemination:

Created in 2014, this program aims to strengthen and professionalize non-profits by offering free legal advice and training, calls for proposals and relevant news through an online network.

There are more than 130 socially responsible companies, corporate foundations, social agencies, government institutions and academics in the network.

This annual forum offers a space for nonprofits and socially responsible companies to receive training and network building opportunities, fostering the creation of strategic partnerships.

This program provides organizations with different opportunities for fundraising through:
• Benefit Premieres and Cineminutos Sociales
• Social Marketing campaigns and marquees
• Cinemex Marathon

To contribute to the health and quality of life of Mexicans, through diagnosis, early detection and prevention, in 2014 and with the collaboration of FERROMEX, we adapted and outfitted a train as a mobile clinic to take free medical services to the most remote and impoverished communities in Mexico.

The services offered on 17 rail cars include a lab, specialized medical services, family planning, comprehensive treatment for diabetes, comprehensive services for women, surgery and outpatient procedures, among others.

Xocoyo: Mexican Ingredients A Book collection that promotes some of the most iconic Mexican native ingredients and shows the way they have permeated universal culture.

With this publication, Grupo México Foundation supports the development of young talent in gastronomy, research, photography and design.

Proceeds from book sales go to supporting various organizations that have a relation with the themes of each book.

With the creation of the web platform www.educaciónsaludyvida.org org and the collection of Life and Health Workbooks, we support teachers and parents on topics such as Sexuality, Addictions, Nutrition Violence and Mental Health.

Employees of the different Grupo México divisions (Mining, Infrastructure, Transportation) and Cinemex, their families and volunteers from the communities come together to improve the infrastructure of institutions near the company's operations in Mexico, the United States and Peru.

Grupo México Foundation invests in projects that support Mexican cinema production through the Cinema Tax Incentive program and the Interinstitutional Committee for the Application of the Tax Incentive for Investments in Mexican Cinematographic Production and Distribution approves the projects that receive this support.

Employees of Grupo México companies have the opportunity to experience cooperation and community.

Under this program, employees donate five days of their vacations to volunteer either in Mexico or abroad doing things like outdoor and indoor painting, improving recreational areas, cleaning beaches and visiting with the elderly, among other things, in benefit of low income communities.

Programs that build alliances with governments, nonprofit organizations, institutions and companies to increase the impact of our environmental actions.

We have planted more than 5.5 million trees of different native species in Mexico over the years, reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

These achievements were possible thanks to the efforts of volunteers and personnel from Grupo México and Cinemex, , as well as other partner companies committed to the environment and which, year after year, support us in this act of love for our planet.